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Business Technology | July 31, 2013

Most smart phone owners hate charging their devices. And why is that? You need to manage power cords that unavoidably get lose or wind up tangled in a jumble in your desk drawer.

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Business Technology | July 26, 2013

It’s a sinking feeling: You’re showing your new smartphone when it slips from your grip and falls to the concrete sidewalk below. This does not have to be the end of your new mobile device though, not if you’ve invested in one of the newest cases — which have science backing them — meant to protect smartphones from unforeseen falls. Science of protection According to the Times, there’s a new science developing around cushioning the blows that smartphones suffer when people drop them or inadvertently bang them against a wall.

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Business Technology | July 16, 2013

As the owner of a small business, you have the technology available to determine what Web sites your workers visit while sitting at their desks. You are able to monitor how they use Twitter and Facebook. It’s also possible to tap into their smart phones to determine where they physically are throughout the day.

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Business Technology | July 11, 2013

Do you have the uncomfortable feeling that your business’ website is turning off your potential customers?

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Business Technology | July 2, 2013

Can you imagine living without your tablet? How about without your laptop or smartphone?

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Business Technology | June 26, 2013

How safe do you think your data is when you store them in an Evernote notebook? The surprising answer: Not quite as safe as you might think. That’s because Evernote isn’t a true backup service.

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Business Technology | June 20, 2013

You know that the updates that Windows automatically downloads are necessary. They often contain important anti-virus protections created to keep cybercriminals out of your computer and software. But it can be annoying when Windows automatically restarts your machine after every update

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Business Technology | June 19, 2013

Bitcoins are getting to be a popular way for individuals to purchase goods and services online. The question, though, is if your business should accept this virtual currency

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Business Technology | June 13, 2013

Planning a getaway? Going to bring your laptop, smartphone or tablet with you

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