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Turning off the tech

Business Technology | July 2, 2013

Can you imagine living without your tablet? How about without your laptop or smartphone? How about a day with no online game of Words with Friends? Technology has dramatically changed our everyday life. We now get our news online, interact with friends through social media sites, and count on GPS-equipped smart phones to locate that new Asian restaurant and get back to our homes. But does there come a time to shut down all this tech? A newly released story by the New York Times implies that turning off the phones, tablets and laptops — at least once in a while — could make us more productive people.

Surprising agreement

The Times story concentrated on some highly unlikely supporters of the take-a-tech-break theory: techies themselves. The Times, in fact, highlighted the case of an author and former Twitter employee. This techie was writing a book. But the constant chirping of his iPhone kept him from concentrating. Once this techie ditched the phone, he found that the words flowed. His advice? Ditching the tech can significantly boost productivity.

Not alone

This techie is far from alone. The author of the Times column shines a spotlight on himself. Today, when he and his friends get together for dinner, they immediately toss their smartphones in the center of the table. The first one that reaches for a phone is required to pay the price: That person picks up the bill for dinner.

Your turn?

Is it your turn to follow these examples? Should you take a technology break? Take a look at your days: Do you spend hours playing with Words with Friends or Angry Birds? Can you pass an hour or so without logging into Facebook? Do you text more than you talk? If so, you, too, might benefit from a technology break. And you could be a bit surpised at how productive you can be.


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