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Enhancing & maintaining the protection of your data.
managed it services

At Next Hop Solutions, we understand that there is nothing worse than having to wait for a program that refuses to respond or having to reboot your computer multiple times a day. While technology can allow a business to get things done quickly, technology that stops working can result in costly downtime. That is why all of our managed IT solutions use proper design, hardware, and software configurations to help your business run smoother, while also adding an extra level of protection for your business' data.

managed it services
Using proactive monitoring to protect your data.

By using the latest technology to monitor your business data and networks, our team of IT experts can automatically fix any issues that might arise before they have a chance to develop into more complex problems. Our automated maintenance plans can help eliminate costly downtime at your office, while also keeping your technology running and free of clutter by removing unnecessary temporary files and harmful programs and by keeping system patches up to date. Whether you need help installing a program, correcting an error, or just making things work, our local, personable help desk and technicians are available to help with any IT projects of onsite work you need.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

All of our managed IT services are designed to help you protect your important business data by improving the overall performance, support, and protection of your IT network. Some of the main benefits of managed IT services include but are not limited to:

Information backups

Backing up your business' data both onsite and remotely can ensure that your important data can easily be recovered in the event of an emergency.

Predictable budget

All managed IT support services are offered at affordable rates, making it easy to budget for your monthly IT needs.

Systems are maintained at all times

Our team provides constant, active care and support for both emergency situations and everyday IT-related issues.

System optimization

By always keeping your systems in working order, we can help optimize your IT network to increase your business' overall efficiency.

Information and IT System Protection

Providing security for internal, external & recovery aspects.

The team of IT professionals from Next Hop Solutions understands that the security of your information stored digitally on computers is now more important than ever. Due to the latest ransomware and computer viruses circulating today, it is important to ensure that you are constantly stepping up the security of your business data by using the best technology and by educating your employees.

At Next Hop Solutions, we focus on securing your data from every angle—internal, external, and recovery aspects. By doing a thorough security audit for your business, we will be able to determine if proper passwords are being used, if staff are properly educated on all types of cyber threats related to emails and Internet browsing, if proper access controls are in place, if there is inventory in place for devices being assigned, and if any devices containing company data are allowed to be taken unencrypted offsite. With a clear understanding of your business' data security, our team can provide you with unique solutions for managing your business' IT in a more secure and efficient manner.

Managed IT Services — Fraser Valley

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