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Cyber Security Consulting Services in the Fraser Valley

Custom security plans for protecting stored data.
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Next Hop Solutions offers a range of security services for Abbotsford businesses that are looking to better protect the data stored on their systems. All of our security services focus on providing both internal and external security solutions for preventing possible security breaches.

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Cyber Security Services in the Fraser Valley

Protecting your business data from external threats.

Our team of IT professionals can help protect your business from common external threats, such as viruses, unwanted malicious programs, and ransomware that is designed to hijack your data and demand a ransom for its return. By monitoring your networks firewalls and watching for any threats, we can provide you with complete peace of mind that your business' security is being properly managed at all times.

Benefits of Security Services

Security services for IT networks from Next Hop Solutions are designed to protect your important business information from both internal and external threats, whether you are working at the office or remotely. Some of the main benefits of security services include:

Cyber security management

Our automated system will carefully monitor your business at all hours of the day to prevent and track any potential threats.

Added security

Adding an extra layer of security to your IT network will ensure that your business data is being properly protected against viruses and theft.

System improvements

We will always ask the scary questions in order to get the answers necessary for providing the best improvements for your data's security.

Security audits

Our team can provide a comprehensive security audit designed to find and provide solutions for any system vulnerabilities.

Internal Security Services in the Fraser Valley

Protecting your business data from internal threats.

While external threats—viruses, ransomware, hackers, etc.—tend to be thought of as the biggest security threats, properly securing your business' data begins with tackling any internal security vulnerabilities. Common internal security vulnerabilities like file permissions, passwords, and departing employees can be some of the biggest security threats to your business.

Our team of IT experts can help protect your business against internal security threats by educating employees on the importance of using strong passwords to prevent hackers from gaining access to your systems, as well as by helping your business implement and maintain a proper security plan, covering everything from who has access to certain files to how to prevent departing employees from destroying or stealing important files. All of our security services are tailored to suit the needs of each individual business, so you can trust that you are getting the best security plan for your particular business needs.

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