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Protecting your smartphone from disaster

Business Technology | July 26, 2013

It’s a sinking feeling: You’re showing your new smartphone when it slips from your grip and falls to the concrete sidewalk below. This does not have to be the end of your new mobile device though, not if you’ve invested in one of the newest cases — which have science backing them — meant to protect smartphones from unforeseen falls.

Science of protection

According to the Times, there’s a new science developing around cushioning the blows that smartphones suffer when people drop them or inadvertently bang them against a wall. This makes sense — smartphones are becoming increasingly important in our lives. It’s little surprise that companies would spend big dollars to develop new ways to protect them.

D30 protection

The Gadgetwise column concentrates on London’s Tech21. The firm has invented a polymer, named D30 that it injects in its protective cases. This polymer absorbs and redistributes the force of a fall or bang, protecting the phones they enclose.

Peace of mind

The best news? The cases made by Tech21 are affordable, according to the Times. The company’s Impact Band case costs $30. Its more upscale Impact Mesh costs you $35. That’s very little cash to spend on ensuring serenity.


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