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Don’t forget these business website essentials

Business Technology | July 11, 2013

Do you have the uncomfortable feeling that your business’ website is turning off your potential customers? Maybe your site is hard to find, with a domain address that doesn’t make sense. Maybe your customers can’t immediately tell what your business sells when they log onto the site. Maybe they can’t find your contact information or your list of products or services. Whatever the reason, your business website isn’t doing its job.

The essentials

Luckily help is on the way. Entrepreneur Magazine recently ran a story supplying business owners with the essentials every company website should contain. Following this advice can change your business website from a negative to a positive. And the first tip? Your website should describe right on its front page what your business is, what it sells or delivers and who it serves. This will convince visitors that they’ve found the proper site.

Not hard to find

Entrepreneur next advises that you don’t make your site difficult to find. This can be done by choosing a domain name that makes sense. If your business is Sue’s Beauty Shop, try for the url www.suesbeautyshop.com. In the event you have to resort to www.clippersue.com, you might find that your potential customers can’t find your site. To make your domain name easy to remember, avoid using dashes or numbers in it.

Easy to navigate

You also want to be sure that your site is easy to navigate. Entrepreneur says that your site should include easy to find links and a site map. The site map ought to provide a short path to your site’s most significant pages.


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