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A 24-hour charging solution

Business Technology | July 31, 2013

Most smart phone owners hate charging their devices. And why is that? You need to manage power cords that unavoidably get lose or wind up tangled in a jumble in your desk drawer. Maybe it’s time for you to severe the cord and go wireless: You could with the Duracell Powermat 24-Hour Power System.

The system

Duracell’s Powermat 24-Hour Power System is sold with its own Powermat, a portable backup battery and a case that fits either iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphones. This system, which retails for around $100, provides you with all the charging options you need.

How it works

To work the system, you need to affix a specially designed case either around your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smart phone. Once this is in position, you can utilize the system’s Powermat to wirelessly charge your phone. The phone, when completely charged, should have adequate power to run for 24 hours.


The system also comes with a backup battery that you can take when you’re traveling. The battery charges through a wired or wireless Micro-USB connection. The battery, Powermat and case makes this system a good investment with its package price of about $100.


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