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Gadget freak who loves to cook? The Sweethome is for you

Business Technology | July 3, 2013

You love cooking. You adore gadgets. If only you could find a Web site combining both of your passions. You know what? There is. It’s known as The Sweethome, and you can find it online at www.thesweethome.com. The site, as its name suggests, provides information on how homeowners can buy those kitchen gadgets that make cooking an exceptionally sweet experience.

The Best-of

Why visit The Sweethome? Its best-of lists. These lists rank the best kitchen appliances and gadgets that you can buy for your home. Want to purchase the ultimate corkscrew? The Sweethome has you covered. What about the very best vegetable peeler? The site covers that, too. It can even show you which ice cube tray – really – is the best fit for your kitchen.


The site’s reviews include large, bright photos and a sometimes exhaustive list of why a specific product is best. Plus the site doesn’t just review small items like ice cube trays. It offers advice on such major purchases as dishwashers, microwave ovens, stoves and refrigerators. The site, then, can save you from spending big dollars on a major appliance that is a lemon.

Other tools

Of course, you don’t spend all your time in the kitchen. For this reason, The Sweethome reviews bathroom devices, lawn-and-garden tools, laundry appliances and the best hammers, screwdrivers and drills for your toolbox. Our advice? Before you write a check or swipe your credit card, research your purchases on The Sweethome. You just might become hooked on the site.


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