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Business Technology | January 28, 2014

Tablets have become hot sellers. Consumers seem to love these devices. As Forbes columnist Ethan Gach wrote in a recent column, consumer experts predict that tablet sales will outpace the...

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Business Technology | January 23, 2014

How much privacy can you expect when looking for a winter coat at your local outlet store? What about when you’re browsing the shops at the nearest indoor mall? Well,...

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Business Technology | January 21, 2014

Do we actually need a high-tech shower curtain? What about snow gloves that let you answer phone calls and listen to music while you’re shoveling your front walk? Thanks to...

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Business Technology | January 16, 2014

No one could argue that Samsung isn’t a dominant force in the smartphone and tablet industry. Consumers are flocking to these devices. But the word “consumers” is the key one...

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Business Technology | January 14, 2014

Why does the federal government struggle so much with technology? That is the big question following the disastrous rollout of the website. Even though this healthcare website was especially...

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Business Technology | January 9, 2014

InformationWeek columnist Kevin Coleman has some not so great news for us: The United States is slowly falling from its perch as the globe’s technology and science leader. Instead, Coleman...

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Business Technology | January 7, 2014

The arrival of a new technology always comes with plenty of excitement. And why not? We always picture how new technology will change not only our lives but the world,...

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Business Technology | January 2, 2014

Does purchasing a Chromebook make financial sense? To this point, consumers haven’t flocked to the device. And ZDNet writer Larry Seltzer says that there’s a good reason for this: Buying...

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Business Technology | December 30, 2013

Crowdfunding is incredibly hot. We like the concept of getting a lot of people together, getting them to all make small donations and fund important projects. But could this funding...

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Business Technology | December 26, 2013

Debating whether to buy your kids a Microsoft Xbox One this holiday season? Or perhaps you think the Sony PlayStation 4 is the better choice. If you’re unable to determine...

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