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Business Technology | March 6, 2014

Apps are downright fun. You can use them to play games such as Angry Birds, read the latest Hollywood gossip or find out which Mexican restaurant in your town is...

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Business Technology | March 4, 2014

Love your tablet? What about your smartphone? If you do you’re not the only one: U.S. consumers love their technology. And that’s making technology companies very profitable, as a recent...

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Business Technology | February 27, 2014

Technology is incredibly powerful today. Yet it’s often quite complicated as well. It can be overwhelming for consumers and employees alike to learn the powerful technology available to them. There...

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Business Technology | February 25, 2014

Do you feel safe when using your credit cards at retailers? Do you feel less safe after retailer Target revealed that hackers stole the data on 40 million consumers who...

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Business Technology | February 20, 2014

The past year was not without its major tech disasters. And the Telegraph newspaper wasn’t shy about trumpeting them. In its year-end look at the biggest tech failures of 2013,...

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Business Technology | February 18, 2014

Is NSA spying harming business? The leaders of the biggest technology firms in the United States certainly think so. And so they weren’t shy about sharing their feelings with the...

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Business Technology | February 13, 2014

Remember when tablets that were priced under $100 were big news? Now tablet makers are offering their products at prices even lower. The big question, though, is whether these budget-priced...

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Business Technology | February 11, 2014

Tired of long waits in the emergency room of your local hospital? Hate sitting in a bed all day waiting for a test that your hospital was supposed to conduct...

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Business Technology | February 6, 2014

What technology trends will we see during the next five years? A good place to look is at tech innovator IBM. Forbes columnist Greg Satell recently looked at what’s coming...

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Business Technology | February 4, 2014

Don’t like Windows 8? You’re far from alone. Computer users across the globe grumble that Windows 8 is too complicated. You may be receiving some good news soon. As per...

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