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We’d rather have our smartphones than sex?

Business Technology | March 27, 2014

How important is technology to you? More essential than sex? To a amazingly large number of U.S. residents, it is. That’s among the more disturbing conclusions from a recent survey from Harris Interactive.

Tech over sex

The Harris survey looked at the percentage of adults who stated they could not live without certain items, everything from food to TV to cars. As reported by the survey, 73 percent of respondents stated that they couldn’t live without food. That makes sense. Coming in second? 42 percent said they couldn’t live without their cars, either. That makes sense, too. But then the next four top answers all had to do with technology that respondents couldn’t live without. And it was only after these four gadgets that sex turned up on the list, which means that more adults would rather live without sex than their smartphones.

The list

The Harris survey discovered that 20 percent of adults said they couldn’t live without sex. Coming in ahead of this? The survey found that 28 percent of adults couldn’t live without Internet access, 26 percent without their mobile phones, 24 percent without their laptops and 23 percent without television.


Should the results of this survey concern us? The Harris survey does illustrate how our world has evolved. Tech devices such as laptops and smartphones connect us to each other, entertainment and news. Some, though, might worry that tech has become too important in our lives.


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