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Technology and the end of traditional hospitals?

Business Technology | February 11, 2014

Tired of long waits in the emergency room of your local hospital? Hate sitting in a bed all day waiting for a test that your hospital was supposed to conduct hours ago? Well, you might be in luck: A new international survey claims that a majority of people throughout the world believe that new technology will make traditional hospitals obsolete. CBS Atlanta recently reported on this survey and on hopes for an alternative way to address ailments.


The CBS Atlanta story covers a survey by Intel Corporation. Based on the survey, 57 percent of respondents think that changing technology is likely to make traditional hospitals obsolete. What’s going to replace these long-time care centers? The Intel survey respondents cite the promise of customized personal care, as a result of improving medical technology.

Mobile care

According to the survey, respondents are excited to use mobile medical technology to handle many of their healthcare needs on their own. The hope is that this technology will enable consumers to monitor their health and research their medical needs, significantly cutting down on the need for overcrowded hospitals. The survey also discovered that most people would be willing to perform their own ultrasounds if they had the tech to make it happen.

Sharing information

According to the CBS Atlanta story, respondents were so excited about personalized, mobile care they are willing to sacrifice some of their privacy to have it. According to survey, 84 percent of respondents said they would not hesitate at sharing personal health information if it would result in a more efficient and cost-effective medical system.


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