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Tech doesn’t have to complicate workplace communication

Business Technology | January 30, 2014

New technology has made workplaces more efficient. It’s easy, for example, for workers to use video conferencing tech to hold meetings with their fellow workers across the globe. But new tech may also leave employees feeling isolated. After all, new communication technology has taken away much of the face-to-face aspect of the business world. But Natalie Burg, writing for tech provider Unify, says that tech doesn’t need to make the workplace a less human place. It’s all up to companies to deploy their technology the right way.


The key, Burg writes, is for companies to employ technology properly. Too many companies use tech such as e-mail and video conferencing as a way to pile more work on their employees. This can result in employees feeling drained by the end of their day. But Burg writes that there is a way for companies to use tech properly: They simply need to use new technology to make their employees’ lives less difficult.

The better way

Burg says that companies don’t have to abandon technology. Instead, they need to make sure their tech evolves to keep the human element in the business world. For example, companies often mention work-life balance. Technology can actually help employees achieve that. As Burg writes, it’s actually a good thing if employees have the option while sitting at the dinner table to send a quick e-mail message to a colleague across the country. This tech permits the employee to leave the office an hour earlier, definitely a valuable thing.

Happier employees

Mobile technology is key to creating a happier workforce, Burg writes. Employees want the capability to chat with their co-workers from the road any time of the day. They don’t want to be chained to their desks during the day. Mobile tech is great way companies can use high-tech to create more content workers, not stressed out ones.


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