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Is Windows 8 on its last legs?

Business Technology | February 4, 2014

Don’t like Windows 8? You’re far from alone. Computer users across the globe grumble that Windows 8 is too complicated. You may be receiving some good news soon. As per the tech press, there are several rumors that Microsoft may soon be trashing Windows 8. As InfoWorld writer Woody Leonhard publishes in a recent column, the company might possibly replace the disliked operating system with a trio of new systems.

The rumors

Leonhard’s story concentrates on Threshold, the name that Microsoft is supposedly using for its next wave of Windows update. According to Leonhard, the goal of Threshold is to help consumers to perform high-level activities across all Microsoft platforms, Windows, Windows RT, Windows Phone and Xbox. If the company can achieve this goal, Leonhard writes, it would be a good step toward eliminating the bad taste left by Windows 8.

The versions

Leonhard cites a writer from ZDNet who claims that Microsoft is now crafting three primary versions of Windows, all of which should, hopefully, work better than Windows 8. First, you will have a more modern Metro consumer version, a traditional consumer version and an old-fashioned traditional Enterprise version.

Windows 7 amped up?

The hope of Leonhard along with other tech writers is that these new versions of Windows will be like amped-up versions of Windows 7. This makes sense: Users enjoyed Windows 7 since it was easy to use and easy to navigate. In other words, it was the opposite of Windows 8. As Leonhard writes, if Microsoft wants to make customers happy, its next versions of Windows ought to include those things that worked in Windows 7 and then make them better.


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