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Tech is about to get a lot simpler

Business Technology | February 27, 2014

Technology is incredibly powerful today. Yet it’s often quite complicated as well. It can be overwhelming for consumers and employees alike to learn the powerful technology available to them. There is good news, though. The Christian Science Monitor recently predicted that technology is about to get easier.

Too much information?

Currently, the amount of technology and data offered to us is overwhelming. The Monitor story states that the digital universe is doubling in size about every two years. It also stated that we have more than 600 million websites now populating cyberspace. As if that’s not overwhelming enough, Apple’s App store today features over 1 million apps for users to purchase.

Where’s the simplicity?

The good news is that the Monitor story also states that one of the big tech trends in 2014 is going to be simpler technology. This is a boon to both workers and consumers. The best tech in the world is useless if people can’t figure out how to use it.

Tech leaders already simplifying

This makes sense because we know already that simple can pay off. Just have a look at Google and Apple. These two tech giants already offer some of the simplest yet powerful tech tools available. Consider the elegant simplicity of Google search or the out-of-the-box computing power of the iPad. Let’s hope that Google and Apple can inspire other tech companies to move toward simplicity.


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