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The next five years of tech innovation, according to IBM

Business Technology | February 6, 2014

What technology trends will we see during the next five years? A good place to look is at tech innovator IBM. Forbes columnist Greg Satell recently looked at what’s coming up, highlighting IBM’s predictions for the next five years of technology change. Here’s a brief look at what Satell found.

Schools get smarter

Satell writes that technology will help U.S. school children get caught up to their peers across the globe. Technology isn’t a cure-all, of course. But Satell writes that it can help educators better teach a larger number of children. The problem currently? Some U.S. students receive a top education. Way too many others don’t. Technology will help change this.

High-tech retailers

Tech can make retailers more effective in reaching their customers, too, according to Satell’s column. Picture this scenario: You walk into your favorite department store on the hunt for a new snow shovel. Your smart phone automatically searches the store’s inventory for products. Once you see one you like, you quickly send a smartphone message to the store’s staffers. One of them responds by guiding you to the shovels on display. That’s high-tech shopping.

Medicine gets a tech upgrade

Personalized medicine is coming in the next five years, according to IBM. This is really important: Different people react differently to different medicines. IBM predicts that soon doctors will sequence your DNA in a day. The doctor can then access cloud-based systems that provide medicine recommendations using the most current clinical and research information.


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