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Business Technology | November 21, 2013

Apple unveiled its new edition of iOS7 for its iPad and iPhone devices. The tech press has discussed the new operating system in detail. However that doesn’t mean there aren’t...

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Business Technology | November 13, 2013

It’s challenging to run a successful small business today. You face larger competitors and a still-struggling economy that makes your customers think twice before spending some of their hard-earned dollars....

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Business Technology | November 7, 2013

Dropbox is on a mission, according to TechCrunch writer Matthew Panzarino: The cloud-based file-sharing service wants to become your default photo library. As evidence, Panzarino points to the fact that...

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Business Technology | November 5, 2013

Remember those ugly comments you wrote years ago about an ex-partner? Think about that picture of you and your college friends holding shot glasses to the camera? Want your current...

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Business Technology | November 3, 2013

You need to view Microsoft Office documents on your Android phone or tablet. But the apps that let you make it happen aren’t cheap. Well, not any more. As MSPmentor...

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Business Technology | October 31, 2013

Microsoft and Apple have long been rivals. Now Microsoft is pursuing consumers who have already purchased iPhones, offering them a $200 trade-in if they bring gently used iPhone 4S or...

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Business Technology | October 28, 2013

Want to safeguard your online accounts from hackers? Try two-step verification. Under this type of system, you first log onto your accounts with a traditional password. But that’s just the...

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Business Technology | October 22, 2013

Is your Mac slower than normal? The free Mac app System Lens can help. Writer Matt Elliott with CNET recently wrote about this app that delivers Mac users a list...

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Business Technology | October 17, 2013

There are lots of portable hard drives out there. But which hard drive is best for you? Seamus Bellamy, a writer for The Wirecutter, offers a recommendation: Western Digital’s 2TB...

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Business Technology | October 15, 2013

Do you believe your Mac will never get a virus? Think emptying your recycle bin permanently erases a file? Or maybe you think private browsing means your bosses won’t know...

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