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Give your Mac a speed boost with System Lens

Business Technology | October 22, 2013

Is your Mac slower than normal? The free Mac app System Lens can help. Writer Matt Elliott with CNET recently wrote about this app that delivers Mac users a list of all the apps they’ve got running at a given time. Best of all? System Lens charts how much of your Mac’s resources each of these apps is using.


Apps are wonderful tools. They can keep you organized, balance your budget and help you lose weight. They also consume a lot of resources. If you have lots of apps running on your Mac, they could bog down what was once a fast machine.

How System Lens helps

As Elliott writes System Lens will help. This app lists all of the other apps running on your Mac at any time. But more importantly, System Lens shows you which apps are consuming the largest amount of your Mac’s resources. The app also tells you how stressed your Mac’s systems are in general.

Decision time

What will happen next is up to you. You could opt to close or erase some of the apps consuming the largest amount of resources on your Mac. Doing this might provide a surprising, and pleasant, boost to your Mac’s speed.


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