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Dropbox has big plans for photo-sharing

Business Technology | November 7, 2013

Dropbox is on a mission, according to TechCrunch writer Matthew Panzarino: The cloud-based file-sharing service wants to become your default photo library. As evidence, Panzarino points to the fact that Dropbox apps on the Mac now automatically detect, upload and prepare shared links to the screenshots users capture on their computers.

Specialized niche?

It’s true that a fairly small group of users rely highly enough on screenshots to make this app worthwhile. Journalists, app developers and heavy Twitter users are three such groups. But, as Panzarino writes, that’s not the point: The app is just one more piece of evidence that Dropbox has its sights focused on being the top photo-sharing service.

A future of ease?

If this happens, it could mean great convenience to users. If Dropbox has its way, every single photo you shoot will be uploaded automatically from your smartphone, digital camera, tablets and other devices. That certainly makes it easier to share photos among friends and family members.


Will Dropbox succeed in its mission to be the cloud’s go-to site for storing photos? That’s debatable. There are lots of competitors now, and plenty more will certainly turn up. But Dropbox has already earned raves from its present users. It’s not so difficult to imagine a time when Dropbox becomes essentially the default photo-sharing service in the cloud.


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