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Tech can make your business more efficient

Business Technology | November 13, 2013

It’s challenging to run a successful small business today. You face larger competitors and a still-struggling economy that makes your customers think twice before spending some of their hard-earned dollars. Nevertheless, you can gain an edge over your competition by using technology more efficiently. As the TechnologySchools.org Website says, if you use tech more efficiently, you and your employees will be more productive. And the site provides three great tips for doing this.

Password power

We all know by now to not use words like “password” or number strings like “1234” for passwords. But TechnologySchools offers more tips for companies that want to create the right passwords for their computers. First, you need to pick a pass that’s tough for hackers to guess but easy for you to remember. Make sure to include both lower and uppercase letters, symbols and numbers to create a challenging crack for even the savviest hacker. And make sure your password that is a minimum of eight characters long.

Keeping your passwords safe

Of course, having the right passwords is only one step. TechnologySchools recommends, too, that you keep the passwords safe. Don’t, for instance, write your passwords on a single slip of paper that you keep in your wallet. What happens if you lose that paper? What if someone nabs it? The best choice is to use a password-storage service such as LastPass or Dashlane to look after your log-ins and passwords.

A speedier machine

Is your older computer slowing down? TechnologySchools provides some advice on how to give it a speed boost. The site advises that monthly you delete old files, eliminate unnecessary programs and defragment your hard drive. Finally, you should each month execute a registry scan to uncover and erase corrupted or damaged files.


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