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A quick primer on iOS7 tricks

Business Technology | November 21, 2013

Apple unveiled its new edition of iOS7 for its iPad and iPhone devices. The tech press has discussed the new operating system in detail. However that doesn’t mean there aren’t tips and tricks that you can’t find to help make your iOS7 experience better still. Fortunately, Entrepreneur magazine just recently wrote a story talking about several iOS7 tricks that will make your mobile experience even better.

Text info

Do you ever need to find out when somebody sent you that important text message? This is simple to uncover with iOS7. Just swipe from right to left on your screen’s list of text messages. When you do, you will see the exact time that the text message came in.

Not just a compass

You probably know that the mobile version of iOS7 incorporates its own compass app, a handy tool if you’re lost, for sure. But were you aware that you can also use this app to make sure that bedroom shelf you’re hanging is level? That’s correct: The compass app also doubles as a level. Just swipe over one screen after you have opened the compass app and your level will show up.

Better search

Apple’s Search feature has changed. To begin with, as Entrepreneur notes, the company now calls it “Spotlight.” Next, to open it you just have to swipe down in the middle of your home screen. This’ll bring up a search — or “spotlight” — box. You can search for anything from texts and e-mail messages to apps, songs and contacts.


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