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Business Technology | December 2, 2011

Business trends change from year to year and sometimes even monthly. One of the most debated about trends is telecommuting

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Business Technology | November 30, 2011

Does it seem like there are only two major gadgets to give this holiday season: either a smartphone or a tablet? We’re bombarded everyday with a new contender, be it the Samsung Galaxy II smartphone or Kindle Fire tablet.

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Business Technology | November 22, 2011

While many shoppers won’t be battling the crowds this year by buying all of their gifts online, many more will be in line waiting around for the doors to open. Equipped with their smartphones and tablets, customers will be using apps which offer up great gift ideas, ways to comparison-shop, and even opportunities to buy online while in the store.

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Business Technology | November 18, 2011

The Intel 4004 was the first CPU on a single chip as well as the first available to the commercial market. This week it celebrated it’s 40th birthday! We would like to say thank you to the microprocessor that grandfathered the CPUs we have today.

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Business Technology | November 16, 2011

Without a doubt, there will be a time when you’ll need help from your IT service provider.

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Business Technology | November 13, 2011

The face of business is changing, it wasn’t long ago that the easiest way to get your name out was to work with an ad agency, get a billboard, or simply go door-to-door introducing your company to prospective clients. Now with the plethora of options open to consumers and the ease at which they can acquire services or items business have had to modify their approach to selling

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Business Technology | November 9, 2011

At the recent PhotoPlus Expo in New York City, held between October27-29th, hundreds of exhibitors gathered to demonstrate their latest and greatest accomplishments in technology.  From new developments in cameras,...

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Business Technology | November 4, 2011

We have talked many times before about how the world is becoming more connected, with others along with the world as a whole. Device connectivity could make how we live...

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Business Technology | November 2, 2011

In 1985’s Back to the Future, we travel through time with Marty McFly in a nuclear-powered DeLorean. Marty can do what man has wanted to do since the beginning of...

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Business Technology | October 28, 2011

In the business world, it’s easy to find perfectionists. Are you one? Perfectionism can help us have a critical eye, keep us driven and motivated to work harder, but if...

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