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Business Technology | February 3, 2012

Our last blog focused on company culture as well as the effect it can have on your brand. Your company’s culture, positive or negative, shows up in your brands reputation.

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Business Technology | February 1, 2012

Often, in business, concentrating on the strategy of the company is the main focus. Is that because it’s the most important aspect to concentrate on

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Business Technology | January 27, 2012

Did you start your business because you love paperwork?

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Business Technology | January 25, 2012

Cyber crimes happen everyday, and everyday IT security companies track and record information around these attacks. Microsoft is upping its game and launching a real-time threat feed so that its fellow partners can study existing threats it finds and discover the best steps to proactively take against them.

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Business Technology | January 20, 2012

The cloud has been a blessing for small business owners battling through tough economic times.

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Business Technology | January 18, 2012

The benefits of storing information in the cloud are numerous. Backing up important data, freeing up space on your servers, and having your information easily available to your staff are just a few. If you have been looking into this route, you almost certainly have many questions about the security of the cloud

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Business Technology | January 13, 2012

Disasters can happen to any business and they come in many forms and severities. They could be everything from a natural disaster, to a well-meaning employee accidently downloading a dangerous virus, to something crucial getting mistakenly deleted

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Business Technology | January 11, 2012

It wasn’t that long ago that inventor Dean Kamen thought his two-wheeled personal transportation device, the Segway, would transform transportation.  Unfortunately, the Segway has become synonymous with technology failure.  Kamen envisioned a future filled people zipping about on a Segway PT scooter to run errands and travel to work.

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Business Technology | January 6, 2012

Keeping track of your business’ projects in conjunction with multiple team members in different parts of the country can be challenging. How can a small company keep track of this, make requests from those working offsite, share up-to-date information, and documentation and also assign new tasks? Project management solutions Luckily, for small businesses, there are several project management solutions.  These tools can provide assistance to keep projects on track, and employees and clients connected.

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Business Technology | January 4, 2012

The promise of a paperless office has existed for years. Unfortunately, most offices must still use paper frequently. Is the paperless office just a pipe dream that we will never achieve?  In a nutshell, no

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