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Devices and Apps: Working Together to Make Our Lives Easier

Business Technology | November 4, 2011

We have talked many times before about how the world is becoming more connected, with others along with the world as a whole. Device connectivity could make how we live much simpler by reducing breaks in our work. For instance, if you are working on a document at work and want to continue on the commute home,  simply send it to your smartphone and use a voice transcription app to continue your work in the car. Connectivity presents us with an interesting future. Here is Microsoft’s take on the subject. This future is probably not far off and it makes me contemplate, what sorts of devices, apps, or combination of the two are paving the way for a future such as this? Below are a few.


iControl is a home energy management and security product that Comcast introduced recently. Using this product, people can monitor their homes in real time through video, control the thermostat, and turn the lights on and off giving the “lived in” illusion when away. The iControl software plus hardware and apps along with Comcast broadband make it possible for people to have full control over their homes miles away.

Air Sharing

You can turn your iPad or iPhone into an external hard drive for your computer with this application. This gives you freedom and mobility by permitting you to easily access your documents from your device.


Apple’s AirPlay app allows you to wirelessly stream music, videos, and photos to Apple TV. Imagine listening to a podcast or audio book on your run then walking into the house and seamlessly transferring it to your home system for you to finish enjoying. This kind of connectivity isn’t just for work but also for play.

As more gadgets, apps, and software work harmoniously together, I see our day-to-day lives becoming easier and more fluid. Connectivity means that all elements of our lives are more connected. Hopefully this means that our tech can stay one step ahead of us and if result in less waiting, I am ready for it… how about you?


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