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Business Technology | March 6, 2015

Anyone who’s ever seen an Eisenhower square knows how easy it is to do urgent-but-unimportant stuff today, and put off important-but-non-urgent stuff until tomorrow. We all do it. The danger...

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Business Technology | March 3, 2015

Google Drive started out as simply an online viewer for docs and spreadsheets. Now, it’s evolved into a full-blown online office suite. And just like desktop office suites, many of...

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Business Technology | February 27, 2015

Obviously ‘teleworking’ covers people like traveling sales operatives who’ve always worked that way, but an increasing number of tech and IT staff are spending their working lives outside the office...

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Business Technology | February 24, 2015

Shadow IT, the use of unsanctioned cloud and mobile devices by staff, is a growing sector – but while the Bring Your Own Device philosophy has caught on fast, not...

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Business Technology | February 20, 2015

Basecamp is 37Signals’ flagship project management software. Originally created as a tool to let freelancers manage projects, it’s gradually added functionality and customers until it’s now the most popular content...

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Business Technology | February 18, 2015

2014 was a killer year for innovative tech products – some of which represented improvements on existing technology, while others pointed ahead to whole new worlds. Here are the top...

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Business Technology | February 13, 2015

The ubiquity of mobile phone technology makes the idea that you could be holding your last ever phone seem slightly ridiculous. Barring catastrophes, why would we suddenly stop using a...

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Business Technology | February 11, 2015

Could anything be more Zeitgeisty than a 3D printer that can produce things to fit into the Internet of Things? The first generation of 3D printers are mostly used for...

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Business Technology | February 6, 2015

2014 saw an explosion of concern about cybersecurity, as more and more of life moves online – especially financial life. When big companies and even government agencies were hacked and...

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Business Technology | February 4, 2015

Sometimes it’s useful to store public-facing data in the cloud. When that’s necessary, it’s typically done inside the web application by the end user. They’ll upload their pictures, video or...

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