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Business Technology | March 16, 2012

Do your employees voice their ideas and views? Do they come to you with ways to enhance efficiency or new innovative marketing ideas? If this does not sound familiar, your company may be unintentionally stifling employee creativity

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Business Technology | March 14, 2012

Tired of social media? Ignoring it all together? Well, get on the bandwagon, because it’s not going away! In fact a brand new site recently popped up that is becoming popular: Pinterest.

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Business Technology | March 9, 2012

Putting your best foot forward in life is important, particularly in the workplace. Hooking a job is a lot more difficult now then ever, so it is more important than ever before to dress for success. I know very well what you are thinking: “The corporate world has gotten so casual—people wear flip-flops for goodness sake! Workplace attire doesn’t matter anymore.” False! The way you dress says a whole lot about you and how you feel about your career, and potential employers certainly notice

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Business Technology | March 7, 2012

So now that you have Twitter you’ve probably followed coworkers, clients, and friends. But you may be interested in more then what your coworker did over the past weekend. Well, lucky for you, almost everyone has a Twitter now.  This includes celebrities, scientists, entrepreneurs, and legislators and you can follow them and listen to what they’ve got to say

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Business Technology | March 2, 2012

Microsoft is one of the most powerful companies in the world.

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Business Technology | February 29, 2012

Mouse-free computing is something we’ve just begun to taste. We have touchscreens on many devices including tablets, phones, and e-readers. These allow us to access the web; send texts, and emails all without using a mouse

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Business Technology | February 24, 2012

We use our smartphones on a daily basis, to download entertainment, make reservations, or locate the closest store. But smartphones don’t hold charge forever and ensuring you’ve got your charger as well as an open outlet can be irritating

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Business Technology | February 22, 2012

Windows 7 has numerous features making it a great improvement over prior systems. However, like most things, if you are unaware of all these features you could be missing out.

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Business Technology | February 17, 2012

Once used primarily as a blogging platform, WordPress is now one of the most popular website publishing and content management tools on the web. According to Tech Crunch, about 22 out of every 100 new active domains in the U.S. run WordPress.

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Business Technology | February 15, 2012

In recent years iPads, smartphones, and Kindles have been some of the most in demand gadgets on the market. But not all tech is created equal.

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