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Cloud Computing | May 6, 2022

Cloud computing allows companies to utilize a variety of computing services including servers, storage, databases, software, and analytics over the internet. While cloud computing offers several benefits for companies of...

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Cloud Computing, Working Remotely | December 21, 2021

As hybrid and remote work configurations continue to grow in popularity, cloud services are becoming a vital component for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a small business with...

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Cloud Computing | August 17, 2021

A public cloud is a type of computing solution where a service provider makes resources available to the public via an internet connection. Resources and services vary by provider, but...

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Cloud Computing, Data Backup | July 8, 2021

Servers are utilized in a variety of industries by companies of all sizes to deliver information, fulfill requests, and store data. From small marketing groups to large industrial manufacturing companies,...

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Cloud Computing | January 28, 2021

No matter what industry you work in, cloud computing can provide your employees with the flexibility to collaborate and access important company information from anywhere at any time. At Next...

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Cloud Computing | January 14, 2021

While video surveillance systems were once primarily used as crime prevention tools, today’s cloud-based video surveillance systems offer a much more diverse range of applications, including proactive monitoring. If you...

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Cloud Computing | October 8, 2020

Understanding what cloud-based services are will help business owners figure out which kind of cloud service will work best for their unique requirements. If you are unsure what a cloud-based...

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Cloud Computing | September 3, 2020

Important files are the backbone of every business. Without easy access to organized files, chances are that a business would not be able to operate efficiently. Cloud storage provides businesses...

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Cloud Computing | August 6, 2020

Understanding what managed cloud hosting is will help you determine if this service will work better for your business than other cloud hosting services. At Next Hop Solutions, we understand...

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The title of this blog is Cybersecurity when working from home. This is a free course provided by the CIRA, publically available.  NextHop did not write this content, its 100%...

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