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Learning about the different types of IT services will help you determine what will work best for your unique business needs. At Next Hop Solutions, we know that each IT...

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Cloud Computing | May 14, 2020

While the terms “cloud storage” and “cloud computing” are often used interchangeably, cloud storage and cloud computing are actually two different concepts. Understanding the differences between the two will help...

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Cloud Computing | January 23, 2020

Getting to know how cloud computing reduces costs will help you make informed decision about whether or not this IT service is the best solution for your business. At Next...

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Cloud Computing | November 7, 2019

Getting to know some of the different cloud computing risks and how to manage them will help ensure that you are keeping your business information as safe as possible. At...

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Cloud Computing | September 19, 2019

Understanding how cloud-based security works will help ensure that your business’ IT network is being properly protected. At Next Hop Solutions, we understand the importance of keeping your business data...

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Cloud Computing | July 4, 2019

Getting to know what cloud computing is and how it works will help you better understand the benefits this IT service has to offer. At Next Hop Solutions, we offer...

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