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What Cloud Services Are Right for You?

Cloud Computing, Working Remotely | December 21, 2021
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As hybrid and remote work configurations continue to grow in popularity, cloud services are becoming a vital component for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a small business with a few team members or you are an IT manager for a large company, it is important to ensure that you have the right tools, services, and programs for your needs. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which services are ideal for the unique needs of your business and the industry you work in. That is why the experts at Next Hop Solutions have provided a list of important elements to consider to help you determine what cloud services are right for you.

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4 Crucial Considerations When Choosing a Cloud Service Provider

When choosing a cloud service or service provider, it is crucial to consider the following elements:

1. The Architecture/Format

When choosing a cloud provider, be sure to think about how the architecture of their programs will be integrated into your workflow. For example, if your organization has already invested heavily in the Microsoft programs, it might make sense to proceed with Azure. If your organization relies primarily on services from other vendors, then it may be best to look to them for ease of integration and consolidation. In addition to the integration of these services, it is also worth looking into cloud storage solutions with your preferred vendor as this is a necessary element for most businesses regardless of their industry.

2. Security

Security is a vital concern for cloud services, especially for large businesses with team members that may be less experienced with online security. When choosing a provider, be sure to ask questions that relate to your unique user requirements, industry, regulatory requirements, and any other concerns you may have. It is also worth determining what security measures are included with each service and which measures require an additional fee.

3. Manageability and Ease of Use

While some cloud services are similar in terms of function and user interface, no two programs are exactly alike. When examining your options for cloud services, consider how easy (or difficult) these programs will be to manage and determine how much time and effort it will take your team to use them. If some members of your team are inexperienced with cloud services, be sure to take the time to train them or have them trained by a professional.

4. Access to Support

Support is another element that requires careful consideration. If you or a team member need help, it is important to know if/when you will get it. Some providers offer email, phone, and live chat support, while others only offer email or phone, so it is worth factoring this into your final decision.

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