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Cybersecurity When Working From Home


The title of this blog is Cybersecurity when working from home.

This is a free course provided by the CIRA, publically available.  NextHop did not write this content, its 100% being provided by the CIRA free of charge.  www.cira.ca

The short course covers why cybersecurity at home is extremely important when you are working remotely from home.

Topics that are covered in the Cybersecurity when working from home course are:

  1. Secure your home Wi-Fi
  2. Protect confidential information
  3. Be careful with personal devices
  4. Use strong passwords and multi-factor authentication
  5. Use a VPN
  6. Watch out for phishing

How to use:

Download the free PDF course, nexthop.ca/…/CIRA-Course-Cybersecurity-for-remote-workers.pdf

Review the material and possibly distribute within your organization as part of your remote worker policies

Contact NextHop if you need any help implementing cyber security recommendations for your remote work force.

As always if you have any IT questions do not hesitate to contact our office.

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