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Ways to Send Files Securely to External Contacts

Cyber Security | October 24, 2023
Data Protection

In today’s digital age, sharing files securely with external contacts has become increasingly important. Whether you are a business professional sharing sensitive documents or an individual sending personal files, safeguarding your data is paramount. Fortunately, various methods and tools are available to secure file transfers to external recipients. As a leading provider of IT services, Next Hop Solutions understands the importance of secure file sharing when it comes to external contacts. That is why we have compiled information regarding three effective ways to send files securely to external contacts.

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Cloud Solutions with Expiring Links

Cloud-based file-sharing solutions are famous for their ease of use and accessibility. Two prominent options in this category are WeTransfer and Microsoft SharePoint, which offer features like expiring links to enhance security.


WeTransfer is a user-friendly file-sharing platform that offers an exceptional level of security. Its standout feature is the ability to create expiring links, which means, when you upload a file, you can set a predetermined expiration date and time for the download link. Once this time limit is reached, the link becomes inactive, preventing unauthorized individuals from accessing your files. Furthermore, WeTransfer employs encryption during the file transfer process, adding a layer of security. This expiring links and encryption combination makes WeTransfer a highly secure option for sharing files with external contacts. It is particularly suitable for those who prioritize simplicity and efficiency in file-sharing.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a robust file-sharing and collaboration solution tailored for businesses and organizations. It facilitates the creation of private document libraries and secure file sharing with external users. SharePoint enhances security by generating expiring file links, allowing time-limited access to specific documents, which minimizes the risk of unauthorized access. Furthermore, it offers fine-grained permission controls, granting you precise authority over who can view and edit shared documents. While SharePoint provides advanced security features, it might be more suitable for organizations familiar with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Private Self-Hosted Solutions

For those who prioritize complete control over their file-sharing environment, private self-hosted solutions like Projectsend are an excellent choice.


Projectsend is a security-oriented file-sharing solution designed for secure external sharing. It offers user authentication and access permission controls to ensure authorized individuals access files. Users can customize expiration dates for files and folders, giving them control over access duration. SSL encryption safeguards data during transmission, and the platform supports branding and customization to align with organizational identity; however, Projectsend requires technical expertise for setup and maintenance, making it more suitable for businesses or individuals with sufficient IT knowledge and resources.

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