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Types of IT Monitoring


Software, hardware, and data are vital components of any business regardless of size or industry. With many businesses employing a combination of physical and virtual infrastructures, effective IT monitoring has never been more important. Effective IT monitoring can help to minimize downtime and optimize security for your business, allowing you to focus on day-to-day operations. Whether you are using in-house or managed IT services, it is important to understand the common types of IT monitoring and how they can help your business. As leading providers of proactive IT monitoring services, the team at Next Hope Solutions has provided some information on the major types of IT monitoring and what they relate to.

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Some Common Types of IT Monitoring

The purpose of IT monitoring is to determine how well your IT infrastructure and underlying components perform in real time. IT monitoring covers many functions of a business and can be broken down into several types, including:

System Monitoring

Also known as availability monitoring, system monitoring evaluates the performance of the physical components of your network. These physical components include servers, computers, and other hardware. System monitoring tracks network performance and detects issues with hardware, identifying them and solving them before they become a significant issue.

Integration and API Monitoring

Modern apps and services often rely on external integrations for data processing and resource capacity. Integration monitoring is used to identify to performance of third-party integrations alongside availability and uptime.

Business Activity Monitoring

All business activity is highly correlated with IT infrastructure and network performance. This type of IT monitoring evaluates resource consumption, traffic behaviour, and other metrics to extract various financial, security, and operational insights. Business activity monitoring is crucial for helping a business grow and reach new audiences.

Web and Application Performance Monitoring

Though technically two different types of IT monitoring, web and application performance monitoring both evaluate the moving parts of your web-based services. This monitoring focuses on how your websites or applications respond to user requests, tracking page load speed, data transmission errors, customer experience, and more.

Security Monitoring

Data corruption and network breaches can cause significant downtime and lost revenue for businesses, making proactive security monitoring a high priority. By consistently evaluating your systems, security monitoring can detect unusual activities or anomalies, alerting you of them before they impact your business. In some instances, security monitoring can automatically deal with these threats, allowing you to focus on your daily operations with confidence.

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