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The Challenges of Hybrid Workplaces

Working Remotely | July 14, 2022
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As businesses and workers around the world continue to recover from the effects of the pandemic, many office environments have undergone a significant transformation. While some offices have returned to a fully in-person setting, most have embraced a “hybrid” configuration. In this setting, some employees are fully remote, some come into the office every day, and others split their week between their home and the office. While these configurations have proven to be effective for most businesses, they are not without their challenges. This is especially true when discussing challenges related to IT. As a leading provider of managed IT services for all types of businesses, the team at Next Hop Solutions knows how important it is to have the right systems in place for hybrid workplaces. That is why we have provided some information on the challenges of hybrid workplaces and how the right managed IT solutions can help you maintain a high level of security, productivity, and communication.

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3 Common Challenges of Hybrid Workplaces and How to Solve Them

While hybrid workplaces work well for most workers and businesses, the following challenges are extremely common:

1. Greater Cybersecurity Risks

Company phones and laptops are often more vulnerable to cyber attacks, data loss, and viruses when they are used on personal or public networks. While company networks are often secured and frequently updated, personal networks are easier for criminals to access. To ensure that your employees stay safe from every location, consider having them use a secure cloud computing program like Windows 365. It is also worth educating each employee on the best cybersecurity practices to help them proactively avoid phishing emails, suspicious links, and other threats.

2. Project Coordination and Productivity Tracking

A significant challenge with hybrid workplaces is accurately tracking attendance and productivity, especially for time-sensitive projects. The use of shared spreadsheets with Microsoft Office and time tracking programs can be a great way to ensure that all projects are being completed as they should be while allowing your employees the flexibility they need for their work and personal life.

3. Team Communication

Many employees can start to feel isolated and forget that they are part of a team when working in a remote or hybrid setting. It can also be more difficult to onboard and educate new employees in a remote setting without the proper tools. To encourage effective and continued communication between your employees, consider utilizing programs like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Slack to perform regular meetings where everyone can communicate and collaborate. These programs make it easy for employees to collaborate with their coworkers and maintaining a sense of teamwork and camaraderie.

To learn more about our managed IT services and how they can support your hybrid office environment, get in touch with the team at Next Hop Solutions. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our services or your business.


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