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Business Technology | September 28, 2011

Though Social Media has made much of professional networking a remote act, the primary way that businesspeople connect on a personal level is through face to face networking. Knowing how...

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Business Technology | September 23, 2011

When large companies adjust their service plan it usually comes as a surprise to the consumer. They may change pricing, put new limitations, or get rid of certain services altogether....

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Business Technology | September 21, 2011

Last week we talked about bad habits to avoid at work, including wasting time on the Internet. Though the Web is one of the most useful advances in technology in...

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Business Technology | September 16, 2011

In the past few years, our options for accessing entertainment have grown drastically. This increased access has changed the way these industries function. Brick and mortar stores like Blockbuster, Borders,...

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Business Technology | September 14, 2011

We all know about good habits to form in the workplace, such as paying close attention to detail or keeping your workspace tidy. We don’t often hear about the bad...

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Business Technology | September 9, 2011

Technology is consistently changing our lives. It happens so rapidly and seamlessly that we hardly notice.   It wasn’t long ago that stores used a manual machine to make a carbon...

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Business Technology | September 7, 2011

Writing an email is a form of communication eliminated of several external influences like voice inflection and body language. This makes choosing the right words even more important. You wouldn’t...

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Business Technology | September 2, 2011

Usually lawsuits are very serious news and not to be laughed at. The tech industry has had its fair share of these more serious suits. However, we sometimes read about...

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Business Technology | August 31, 2011

Smartphones, tablets and laptops are traditionally considered connected devices, because each device connects to and interacts with the Internet. However, HDTVs, Blu-ray players and gaming consoles are also connected devices,...

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Business Technology | August 26, 2011

As a species we are connected. Our access to information is increasing exponentially. Many authorities and governments around the world have fears about what this access can mean for the...

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