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You can overcome your printing problems

Business Technology | September 24, 2013

We all want to give our printers a swift kick every now and again. How many times do you hit the “print” button just to watch as your printer sits quietly, ruining your day and your productiveness? Thankfully, PCMag writer Tony Hoffman understands your pain. He recently composed a feature story surrounding some of the more common problems and fixes to your printer problems.

It Doesn’t Print

So, what if your printer isn’t printing when you tell it to? The problem, as Hoffman writes, might be simple: Maybe your printer isn’t attached to either a power source or your computer. Or perhaps it’s a more complicated problem. Maybe your printer driver installed on your computer is corrupted. If that’s the case, reinstall it.

Low-Ink Warnings

Ink-shortage warnings can be confusing. Your computer says you’re out of printer ink, however your documents are printing just great. Hoffman says don’t worry: Printer-ink warnings are notoriously inaccurate. Hoffman says to keep printing until you notice a decline in quality.

Wi-Fi Printing is Sluggish

Many printers can print wirelessly via a Wi-Fi network. Sometimes, though, it takes forever for your computer and printer to talk. You might be able to speed things up by placing your printer as close as you can to your router. Be sure, too, that your router supports 802.11n and offers both the 5GHZ and 2.4GHZ bands.


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