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Yes, IT projects really can help your business grow

Business Technology | July 17, 2014

Your New Year’s resolution was to expand your small business in 2013. How is that resolution faring? If you’re struggling to improve your small business’ revenues so far this year, it may be time for you to head for your IT department. That’s right: Your IT department boasts the technical expertise to make your company even more efficient. That, in return, can raise your employees’ productivity and improve your business’ bottom line. Here are some tech projects that Small Business Computing.com suggests for small business owners who wish to see their businesses grow in 2013.


Maybe you permit your employees to use their own tablets or laptop computers on the job. This doesn’t mean very much if your office doesn’t have a Wi-Fi network. Small Business Computing.com points out that Wi-Fi networks today serve a multitude of devices, everything from tablets and smartphones to laptops, printers and cameras. If you would like your employees to be as productive as possible, whether they are researching new business opportunities or sending proposals to potential clients, you need to give them access to a reliable Wi-Fi network. This is a task, of course, that is perfect for your business’ IT department.

Upgrade to Ultrabooks

Ultrabooks are remarkable tools. They’re not as cumbersome as traditional laptops and far more powerful than Netbooks. They can also help your workers bring in more business: They can take their Ultrabooks home with them or on the road when they’re traveling to work on reports and presentations. They are able to run multimedia presentations for potential customers. And Ultrabooks tend to be more affordable than ever today. If you’d like your staff to reach their full potential, equip them with Ultrabooks.

Say farewell to Windows XP

Do you still have computers that run the Windows XP operating system? That’s a mistake. As Small Business Computing.com points out, Microsoft will not provide technical support for this operating system as of early April 2014. The company will no longer distribute regular security updates for the system as of that time. Running Windows XP, then, means that not only will your workers be working on a decade-old operating system, but their computers may also be highly vulnerable to virus attacks. Make the smart move and upgrade to a more current Windows operating system.


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