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Work More Efficiently With A Clean Desk

Business Technology | December 21, 2012

When we have a lot of clutter and papers on our desk, it can be hard to work efficiently. If you spend your days looking at a desk cluttered with all of your tasks, you can easily be intimidated. And what about under your desk? Do you often have to kick wires out of the way when you are working? If this sounds familiar, here are several easy ways you can decrease clutter and increase your efficiency.

  1. Tackle the wires – If the wires beneath your desk are a mess, there’s a couple easy ways to resolve this. One inexpensive way is to acquire some binder clips, if you don’t already have some. Use these to hold the cords together and keep them out of the way. A more expensive way is to invest in a wireless charging pad, or powermat, and purchase a wireless mouse and keyboard. With these you can wireless charge devices just by placing the object on the mat. This will get rid of all of the cords you need for charging as well as any you need to use to connect your mouse and keyboard to your computer.
  2. Reduce desktop clutter – If your desktop is cluttered with paper, you can lower this by just using less paper. Seems evident right? We are much more dependent now-a-days on digital communication. Therefore much of the information you need is obtainable in your email. You can organize that info within your email or you can use a program like Evernote to keep your notes safe and digital. Often, our desks can become cluttered with papers. If you need to keep papers, make sure you file them away ASAP. This will keep you organized and your desk clear.
  3. Throw things away – This may sound easy, but it’s amazing how frequently we will write ourselves a note on a sticky note and not dispose of it when we no longer need it. Additionally, after a meeting, we may not need to keep a printout, yet we do. These notes and papers can pile up. Practice throwing away the things you no longer need or have a digital copy of.


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