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Windows Phone – Transforming Microsoft

Business Technology | March 2, 2012

Microsoft is one of the most powerful companies in the world. Its Windows and Office products power computers throughout the world. Microsoft’s chief, Bill Gates, remains one of the more important names in the technology field. But one thing…Microsoft is not cool—at least not yet. However, there’s some evidence that Microsoft’s new smartphone software, Windows Phone, may change this.

Sure Microsoft’s products are everywhere but, in the eyes of the consumer, they’ve always fallen just short of cutting edge. Microsoft has had a handful of failed products in the past, for example, the Zune. Remember this little mp3 player? How about the Kin phone? These products and others have contributed to Microsoft’s less then cool reputation.

That said, Microsoft’s Windows Phone software has captured some interest. The Windows Phone has been well received by both critics and consumers.

The praise that Windows Phone is receiving is mainly dues to its striking look and the animated home screen tiles, as opposed to the more static home screen of the iPhone. This OS has people fired up as well because it gives users quick access to their social networks. The social media icons on the home screen come to life when a friend posts an update or image, which means you don’t need to click the Facebook icon to get a peek at your activity.

It is intriguing that even with all this functionality, Windows Phone hasn’t been a big seller. This could be, in part, because of the phones that use Windows Phone as an operating system, many people think they are bland. Another contributing factor is that most wireless providers push iPhone and Android devices.

The Windows Phone, though, provides some hope for Microsoft’s attempts to capture some cool. Certainly, big sales and ubiquitous products are important, but a touch of hipness never hurt a company, either.


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