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Why your small business still needs a printer

Business Technology | February 8, 2013

Business owners prefer to believe that paper will become a thing of the past. After all, we send the majority of our correspondence through e-mail today, right? Then there’s texting and social media. In regards to storing documents, it’s much easier to store them in the cloud. That way, entrepreneurs need not clutter their offices with reams of paper and printouts. Even so the unfortunate fact is that small enterprises today aren’t free of paper.

Can’t turn away business

As writer Paul Mah with Small Business Computing.com says, small business owners will commonly encounter customers who demand real paper trails of their transactions. These clients are either unable or hesitant to move toward a paperless business model. Many small business owners today are hardly ever in the position of turning away any potential clients, even those that will not get accustomed to new technology. It’s important, then, for business owners to invest in the correct printer. Fortunately, Mah provides some choices.


First, you need to decide if you require a multi-function printer. Such printers, as their name suggests, do more than just print. They also scan, photocopy and fax. Such printers make sense for companies that perform these other functions. However, these printers, due to their many functions, are often more expensive. If your small business rarely faxes or makes photocopies, equipment dedicated solely to printing tends to make more sense.

Laser vs. Inkjet

What makes more sense for your small enterprise, a laser printer or perhaps an inkjet printer? You’ll have to consider several factors to make this decision. Does your company print a lot of documents? Then you might consider choosing a laser printer. These printers can be more expensive. However they produce crisp and clean copy, and they’re also sturdier, able to better withstand large demand. But suppose your small business only has to print documents occasionally? Then an inkjet printer might make more sense. These printers are less costly than are laser printers. Technologies have improved enough so the documents they produce look more professional than in the past. The downside? If you do print a lot, you’ll spend lots of money on replacement cartridges. As Mah writes, choosing the best printer for your company is far from a hopeless task. With simply some research, you’ll find the right machine for your company and its unique printing needs.


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