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Why learning about your Twitter followers matters

Business Technology | September 26, 2013

It’s one thing to have several followers on your company’s Twitter account. However the goal is retweets, mentions and other benefits. If you are not getting these, what’s the point of having those followers? Luckily for us, the Small Business Trends Web site recently ran an article providing clues as to how small businesses can gain more from their Twitter followers.


According to Small Business Trends, one of the better ways to gain more interaction from Twitter followers is to find out more about these followers. You can do this with such products as SalesForce Marketing Cloud, SoDash, BirdSong and KnowYourFollowers.

What They Do

Here’s what these programs can tell you: In what state your followers live, what gender they are, their age, what other Twitter accounts they follow and where they work. Valuable information, no?

Why You Need To Know

And such a Twitter account might just inspire your followers to become more engaged with your business. Maybe you can inspire them to purchase products by offering weekly deals. Perhaps you can get them to bring their friends and family members to your business by providing them special gifts for such personal recommendations.


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