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What you didn’t know about the Internet

Business Technology | January 14, 2013

It’s challenging to imagine a time without the Internet. After all, a lot of us use the Internet today to watch movies, talk with our acquaintances, play games and catch up on current events. But just how much do you actually know about the Internet and exactly how it functions? You might be surprised at all you are not aware of. The Web site Business Insider recently took a fascinating look at the world of the Internet, paying particular attention to those little factoids that you ought to but probably are not aware of.

Facebook is King

First, take a more detailed look at Facebook. You know it is an incredibly useful site to keep up with your friends and family. But are you aware, too, that Facebook is the predominant player in regards to online traffic? As stated by the Business Insider story, and data from Hitwise, Facebook accounts for about one in every five Website views. That’s impressive. So is the number of members that Facebook reached recently: As reported by Business Insider, the social media site now boasts more than 1 billion users.

The Biggest Data Center is Rising in Utah

Business Insider also noted that the biggest data center in the world is now being built in Utah. The National Security Agency is behind this center, and once the data center is completed, it will store a yottabyte of data. You might not know exactly what a yottabyte is. But it’s massive. It equals 1,000 zettabytes or 1 million exabytes, as reported by Business Insider.

Streaming is on the Rise

If you stream movies and TV shows using Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus, you’re definately not alone. According to Business Insider, in excess of 50 percent of U.S. resident watch television through the Internet. This really is quite amazing considering how fairly recent streaming is. The Business Insider story mentioned that residents below the age of 35 have grown particularly inclined to using the Internet to deliver their favorite TV shows and movies on their tablets and smart phones.



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