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What should you focus on, quality or quantity?

Business Technology | September 19, 2013

Your business has two main paths to profit: You can concentrate on quantity, producing the highest possible number of goods and services. Or you can focus on quality, producing the best products or services in your market. ITWorld writer Matthew Mombrea focuses on this tug-of-war in a recent ITWorld column.


In his column, Mombrea states that those businesses whose products or services really need to be high-quality should focus their efforts on making the very best products they can, even if that means making fewer of these products. There’s a reward for this, Mombrea writes.

What Happened To Quality?

According to Mombrea, many consumers — and rightly so — consider quality being at an all-time low in comparison to the prices they are paying for goods and services.

Standing Out

That’s why it’s important for businesses to focus on quality, Mombrea writes. Consumers will notice when a company is putting out a product that works as it’s supposed to or when they provide top-notch service. And those consumers, tired of paying high prices for shoddy work, will invest their money in those businesses that over-perform.


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