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Video games that are more work than your job

Business Technology | December 5, 2013

Video games are supposed to be fun, right? But some of the most popular video games out there feel a lot more like work. PCWorld recently took a quick look at some of the best video games that, while interesting and well-made, feel more like work than pleasure.

City planning: It’s not easy

No dispute here that managing a city isn’t hard work. And thanks to the classic SimCity video game, you, too, can experience the frustrations and long hours of operating a metropolis. And you won’t even have to run for mayor to make it happen. As PCWorld says, succeeding in SimCity takes long hours. You must plan housing developments, open shopping centers, lay roads and collect taxes. And while you’re doing this? The residents of your city will likely hate you.

A war game that feels like the office

They say war is hell. But when referring to the video game World of Warcraft, it’s hard work, too. Do you like to follow orders? Do you like completing menial tasks for typically small rewards? Then World of Warcraft is the game for you.

Cart Life

Real life is nerve-racking: You have to pay the bills, make money and keep your house running. Now, how would you enjoy all this in video-game form after a long, exhausting day? You can with Cart Life, a video game that enables you to assume the identities of single-mother barista, newsstand operator or baker. And, yes, it’s as demanding as it sounds.


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