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Use Vine to Create Short Bite-Sized Videos About Your Brand

Business Technology | August 26, 2014

Promote Your Biz with a 6-Second Looping Video

No doubt you’ve been curious about the new Vine video platform, but you’re also a bit baffled on how to make use of it. I mean, six seconds of video isn’t a great deal of time to work with in any message. Nevertheless, the truth is, the limitations of this medium are also part of its power. By using this time judiciously has led to some innovative uses and messaging!

How other businesses are making use of Vine videos

The limitations of the platform haven’t prevented businesses from creating very influential videos on Vine. To the contrary, the limitations have enabled businesses to craft powerful short messages generally concentrated on one aspect of their business. The key is to be imaginative and fun! Nobody is seeking an in-depth analysis of anything watching a six-second Vine video: they are generally, while interested in your brand, wanting to see what’s new, fun, and happening now. Many make use of this platform to roll out new product lines, deliver short messages about the company, customer service videos, human interest and staff messages. Businesses both big and small are finding creative uses for Vines.

Here are a few examples:

General Electric is using Vine to create innovative ways to share science in cool ways.

The Gap is using Vine as an online video catalog.

Bacardi is using these short snippets to give away drink recipes featuring their favorite rum!

Not to be outdone, Malibu Rum has produced a thirst-quenching Vine of their own!

As part of the launch for their Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos, Taco Bell created a yummy Vine to whet their customer’s appetites!

Lowes home improvement stores has innovated by making a series of #lowesfixinsix

Don’t limit your imagination!

Companies are utilizing Vine videos in numerous ways, from product introductions to people and company messages. The great thing is that these videos take very little time and effort to produce. Take a trip over to Vine and find out if this sounds like something that your company can use. It won’t take long!


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