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Understanding consumer-based technology

Business Technology | June 29, 2011

Technological growth is now motivated by consumer trends. Companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft are all growing because of the innovations being made in line with consumer demands. These consumer-based technologies are providing fantastic advancements and creating deeper levels of practical implication. A perfect example of this is the Google search engine. At the core of Google’s success is its ability to develop technology in response to consumer trends. It is obvious that most modern technology is consumer-based, but how has this trend affected technology as a whole? Here are some examples:

User-Generated Content

Consumer-based technology has created a stronger market for independent developers because consumerist technology favors the creative.  Proof of this is the recent onslaught of user-generated content. Small and independent development groups create some of the most popular apps for the iPhone and mobile-based devices. If you want to build an app to tell you which restaurant is the best in your area, you no longer have to look to Microsoft or Apple for the answer.  Instead, you can look to the coding expert who works in your office.

User-Friendly Applications

Any market reliant on consumers will inevitably adapt to the ability of those consumers. Basically, this means that a company must provide an easy to use product in order to survive. Consumer-based technology is no different. As technology has progressed, it has become more user friendly. Compare Linux to Windows 7, the developments made between the two operating systems is a direct result of consumer trends favoring products that are easy to use. Technology has become a part of our every day lives because of the innovation behind it is consumer-based.

User Involvement

Consumer-based technology is now a normal part of growing up. Believe it or not, video games have been a large motivator for technological advancement. Game creators are always looking for new ways to involve and include users with their technology; a perfect example of this is the Xbobx Kinect. The Kinect is the latest in motion-capture technology that allows the player to interact with a game by moving without being connected to any device. This technology has found other applications; with your actions you can now search for a movie on Netflix, visit your favorite website, and send a voice-dictated email.

As for most things in this world, a big motivation for technological advancement is profit. The profitability of any technology is dependent on the consumer, and as such, we have seen a tremendous uptick in consumer-based technology. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as these advancements have amazing possibilities. Doctors could one day customize a program to accurately diagnose diseases from patient to patient; program code could soon be so user friendly that anyone could become a web developer; and the technology behind user involvement could lead to all kinds of advanced motion capturing devices. The value inherit to natural technological evolution is vast and important for society as a whole.

To see some specific ways consumer technology is being implemented practically, take a look at this article.


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