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Two-Factor Authentication

Cyber Security | April 8, 2021
2 factor authentication

With the rise in Internet crimes and hacking capabilities, standard passwords are no longer a strong method of protecting your information. That is why many websites, businesses, and individuals have started to utilize a type of cybersecurity measure known as two-factor authentication. Also known as 2FA or two-step verification, this login method is more secure and far more difficult to hack. As leading providers of cybersecurity services, the team at Next Hop Solutions has compiled some information on what two-factor authentication is and why it is more secure than a standard password.

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What is Two-Factor Authentication?

There are 3 general factors for authentication. These include:

  • Something you know (password, security questions, etc.).
  • Something you have (a phone, hardware token, or other devices).
  • Something you are (fingerprint, facial recognition, etc.).

As the name implies, two-factor authentication utilizes two of these factors when logging into an account or accessing private information. Examples of two-factor authentication include:

  • Receiving a temporary PIN via a push notification on your phone. This PIN is then entered after entering your password.
  • Using your fingerprint scanner or facial recognition on your phone or laptop in conjunction with your password.
  • Answering a security question on a computer and then confirming that you are trying to log in via an app on your phone.

Why Should you use Two-Factor Authentication?

Simple passwords have been a vulnerable means of protection for decades. Though passwords are much better than no protection at all, they are weak due to:

Passwords are Often too Simple

Many users choose simple passwords that are easy to remember (“123456”, “password”, etc.). Unfortunately, if a password is easy to remember, it is often easy to guess. Passwords should include a capital letter, a number, and a special character to increase security.

Passwords are the Same for Multiple Accounts

In today’s online world, individuals can have more than 100 accounts for websites, streaming platforms, and other services. Instead of using a unique password for one account, users will often use the same password across the board. If a hacker obtains the password for one of your accounts, they can access all of them.

By using two-factor authentication, these weaknesses are no longer a problem. Even if hackers obtain your password, they will not be able to access your account without seeing the push notification on your device or without using your fingerprint. With a variety of apps and programs available, it is easy to set up two-factor authentication for most of your accounts. Many large companies already offer 2FA as an option, so it should be set up to maintain optimal protection. Though 2FA takes a little extra time per login, the security benefits are well worth the effort.

To learn more about two-factor authentication and other cybersecurity services, reach out to the experts at Next Hop Solutions by phone (1-855-482-5141) or through our contact form. We will work with you to provide the perfect solutions for your online security needs.


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