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Tips: OS X Mountain Lion

Business Technology | September 19, 2012

OS X Mountain Lion is the most recently introduced operating system from Macintosh and it has gotten positive reviews. People are saying it’s very powerful and easy to use*. However, if you work with it, you might not be using it to its full potential. You can increase your efficiency by using a few of the tips that were highlighted in a recent article Mark Crump wrote for GigaOM.

Managing Mail

Crump sensibly tackles email in his story. This makes sense. Many of us are constantly overwhelmed by the volume of email that clutters our inbox. If you are like most computer users, the volume of your email that truly matters is fairly small. That’s where Mountain Lion’s Notification Center comes in. As Crump writes, the notification center lets you create banner alerts when email messages come into your inbox. You can set the center to notify you, though, only when messages from senders that you have already deemed as important come in. This keeps messages from Groupon, Google News, and other less important senders from triggering a banner alert and distracting you from more essential work.

The Power of Reminders

It can be simple to forget to grab milk at the grocery store on your way home from work. It can be just as simple to forget about that 3 p.m. phone call scheduled with an important customer. Luckily, Mountain Lion’s Reminders app can help eliminate missed appointments and forgotten tasks. The program, which is simple to use, will send you pre-set reminders of important appointments and jobs. You can even check off your tasks when you have accomplished them.

Relying on Notes for Important Codes

Another very frequent problem most people experience is forgetting passwords and pass codes. Mountain Lion has a feature to help with this also. You may use the notes feature to provide you with quick access to your passwords. This is particularly convenient if you have a long pass code you need to use for a conference call. You can set a reminder about your call and use the note feature in order to save the pass code. Moreover, it syncs with iOS Notes so you can gain access to it wherever you are.

*We love Microsoft but as IT people we’re fans of well-designed technology, regardless of the label.



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