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Time to buy a computer monitor? Do your research

Business Technology | May 9, 2013

Think size is the only thing that matters when choosing a computer monitor? Guess again. Different types of computer monitors boast different features. Some respond especially speedily to commands, and are, as a result, favorites among avid video gamers. Others reproduce the sharpest colors imaginable, and are better-suited to animators and graphic designers. The message here? Selecting a computer monitor takes homework. But if you do your homework, you will find that LCD computer monitor that works perfect for you.

The factors

As the Lifehacker Website says, before you buy a computer monitor, you need to understand the way you use your computer. Do you devote long hours playing video games? Maybe you love to watch your favorite television shows and movies using your pc. Or maybe you simply use your computer to scan the Web and respond to e-mail . However you use your computer, there’s a monitor this really is ideal for you, says Lifehacker. You simply need to discover it.

Monitor types

The Coding Horror blog recently ran a piece outlining the pros and cons of different LCD computer monitors. For example, TN monitors have the best screen response times out there, which is why gamers like them. They don’t do as good a job with color reproduction or viewing angles, though. They are the most popular monitors since they are also the least expensive. IPS monitors are some of the most expensive monitors that you can buy. That’s because they do a brilliant job of color reproduction and offer the best viewing angles. Their screen times, though, tend to be more sluggish than those boasted by TN monitors.


Consider the VA monitor as being the sound middle choice. Coding Horror says that these monitors boast good color reproduction capabilities and good viewing angles. The response time, though, is only average. Also, the monitors’ colors tend to shift when uses view them from the wrong angle. These monitors are more expensive than TN monitors but cheaper than their IPS cousins.


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