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Three Myths About Cloud Computing

Business Technology | October 10, 2012

When you think of cloud computing what do you think of? Do you think it’s a temporary trend, a risky move for businesses, and it’s really expensive? These are some of the most common myths about cloud computing. We will investigate these myths a little further below.

Myth: Cloud Computing Is a Fad

There are a lot of computing fads we see appear and disappear, and many people think cloud computing is one of these fads. While we can’t say for sure that this is not the case, we can consider the evidence. Much of which leads us to believe that cloud computing is here to stay. For instance, a lot of companies and services that consumers utilize frequently, like Amazon, iTunes, and Gmail all use the cloud. Cloud computing makes these services more efficient when delivering products to their customers. These are just a few examples, but as increasing numbers of companies use the cloud the more we can observe that it is not, in fact, a fad.

Myth: The Cloud Is Risky

Others worry that their data is more susceptible to attack when they store it in the cloud. The truth is, though, the cloud can be a safer place for data. Yes, there have been high-profile outages, for instance one that recently hit Amazon Web Services. However, in comparison with those businesses and individuals that store that data in more than one location in the cloud, the chances of losing information are in reality lower than if these same users stored data on their own hard drives and backup discs.

Myth: Cloud Computing Is Costly

As it is a service a business wasn’t previously paying for, companies will most likely pay more upfront. The amount obviously depends upon who they are buying cloud services from. However, businesses that use the cloud can save a lot of money in labor and IT costs. In the end companies that leverage the cloud save money.


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