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The work-time nap is actually a good thing

Business Technology | October 8, 2013

You probably don’t nap while at work. And for good reason: Your boss probably wouldn’t appreciate it. In reality, napping might make you — and your fellow employees — more productive. A recent story on the Lifehacker Website by health writer Melanie Pinola takes a closer look at the advantages of napping on the job. Perhaps you can show the story to your boss the next time you would like a post-meeting snooze.

A Shorty

A power nap of 10 to 20 minutes can supply you with a boost in performance and energy, Pinola writes. And because this is a lighter nap, you can more readily jump back into action once this snooze is over.

30 Minutes

There are some naps that don’t work though. Pinola writes that the 30-minute nap is not long enough nor short enough to be effective for workers. The reason why? You might feel groggy for as much as 30 minutes afterwards.

The Best Choice?

The ideal nap period might really be 60 minutes. Pinola said that a nap of this length would considerably boost your energy and brainpower. It might not be easy, though, to persuade your boss that those 60 minutes put in with your eyes closed were actually productive.


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