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The Mobile e-mail App We’ve Been Waiting For

Business Technology | January 18, 2013

Do you read and send e-mail messages through your smart phone? Of course you do. Do you really like the e-mail application you use to make this happen? If you’re similar to most smart phone users, probably not. The simple truth is that few smart phone users like their mobile e-mail programs. There’s a new challenger in the mobile e-mail space, though, and it could possibly change this. Tech provider Orchestra recently launched Mailbox, its new e-mail client for your iPhone. And the ratings? Up to now, they’ve been raves.


So why has the tech press weighed in so positively on the iPhone version of Mailbox? Probably because it operates like it was actually created to be utilized with smart phones. Several other mobile e-mail programs feel as if they are simply rehashes of e-mail software applications that work better on desktop or computers. Here’s the important difference: With Mailbox, users save, delete or archive messages by swiping, exactly like they do most everything else using their current smart phones or tablet computers. Here are some examples: When you swipe an e-mail message to the left, you’ll save it. When you instead swipe to the right, you’ll archive the message. And if you swipe to the right while holding also, you’ll delete an e-mail message. Swipe to the left while holding? A new List screen will pop up. Using this new screen, you can either label messages or move them to new areas. Put simply, using Mailbox is intuitive.


Supporters of the new Mailbox app say that sending e-mail messages feels more like Tweeting or texting. That’s a pretty heady compliment; after all, most smart phone users prefer texting or submitting quick Tweets to using traditional e-mail programs to transmit messages. Mailbox also configures e-mail messages so that they are super easy to read on a smart phone screen. When messages are first displayed, for example, Mailbox does not show unneeded information such as signatures. It’s only if users tap on messages that more info — such as the “To” and “From” features — are presented.

To Do

Mailbox for iPhone also acts as a handy to-do list for replying to e-mail messages. For instance, after you read a message, it is easy to assign it a priority. You can tend to have the message reappear in your e-mail inbox, for action, two days later. If the message has a lower priority, you could request for it to appear again in a month. This allows users with a simple solution to gain some control over their incoming e-mail messages. For anyone who is aggravated by your present mobile e-mail program, it is time to explore the iPhone version of Mailbox. You just might discover that it is the perfect e-mail application for your smart phone.


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